DefI-AI bring to you a new opportunity.

We believe that the next frontier for fund management will be transformation
through artificial intelligence and machine learning .

Years of struggle-get
Insight into the world’s
latest AI and ML platform trade

Defi AI is a global internet brokerage and investment firm that focuses on laying strong foundations and cultivating long-term connections. Our work reflects our demonstrable skill as we work diligently to ensure that our customers' expectations are addressed.
About Us

Navigating your investments for higher growth with expertise and technology together.

Our commitment to provide access to programmes and quality assurances ensures that our customers receive the best possible administration. Defi AI has simplified and secured online Forex trading.

Artificial intelligence

We at Defi AIunderstand that AI effectiveness, and blockchain enables collaborative and secure data sharing.

Machine learning

Defi AIuses machine learning because, in independent period under analysis, data frequency, investment horizon, input set, type (classification or regression), and method, ML models

What We Provides

Where We can assist
you with our expertise

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing is an activity in which people, communities, or organisations exchange knowledge (specifically, information, skills, or expertise).

Custom solutions

We can custom-craft a solution to test the applicability of your company idea, construct a prototype, and design a blockchain that meets your criteria,

Algorithmic trading

We at Defi AI understand that This method can be very useful in determining the underlying value of securities and is commonly used by professional

Blockchain analysis

Defi AI does Blockchain analysis because it is the way toward dissecting, distinguishing, bunching, demonstrating, and outwardly showing information
Defi AI Development

How Defi AI will
change the future

We believe in empowering everyone to build a better financial future for
themselves, and we believe that it begins with our employees.
Some FAQ’s

You Can Learn More From
Our Asked Questions

  • How can I invest in the fund?
    All interested investors that meet qualification criteria can reach out to us directly at ( email id)
  • Can I contribute in-kind?
    We do accept in-kind contributions. Please contact us in advance to learn more about how we facilitate this option for our investors.
  • Where are assets custodied?
    DEFI-AI is responsible for the safekeeping of all cryptocurrency assets in the Fund. All assets are held in 100% Cold Storage. The term “Cold Storage” describes the method by which underlying private keys for a given cryptocurrency wallet are generated offline and maintained offline via air gapped devices. Practically, cold storage and offline authentication is the safest way to store and transfer funds.
  • How will I keep track of my investment performance?
    We work with a selection of best-in-class fund service providers .our Fund Administrator provides all investors with Net Asset Value (NAV) reports on a monthly basis to help you keep track of your investment performance. We also work directly with our investors to provide detailed portfolio updates on an ongoing basis.
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